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The Cuban Origins of St. Thomas University

[caption id="attachment_286" align="alignright" width="300"] St. Thomas University logo. (PRNewsFoto/St. Thomas University)[/caption] St. Thomas University is a private, Catholic educational institution found in Miami, Florida. The university boasts over thirty distinct undergraduate majors, a quintet of doctoral programs, more than twenty majors for graduates, plus a professional law program. To learn more about the origins of St. Thomas University, you’ll need to travel about ninety miles or so from Key West, Florida to Havana, Cuba. During the 1940s, the university was called Universidad Católica de Santo Tomás de Villanueva. This name was also given to a Spanish friar named Saint Thomas… Read More

The Sterling Success of YoungArts

Ted and Lin Aronson launched the National YoungArts Foundation (or simply YoungArts) in 1981 with the goal of enhancing the artistic talents of skilled young artists across a wide scope of specialties, such as design and liberal arts. A team of expert artists select the artists for the program which is open to individuals ages that between fifteen to eighteen years of age. Individuals that successfully make it into the YoungArts go on to receive distinct awards including money, professional development, and mentorship by artists that have established an admirable career. Some of these mentors have included acclaimed dancer and… Read More

Remembering Peter S. Castle

Robert Glaser was all about staying in shape ever since he attended the Maplewood YMCA. During his high school years, Glaser continued to stay active when he met and became close friends with Peter S. Castle. Peter had achieved a level of fame due to his admirable athleticism, performing well in sports such as basketball and baseball. Besides his superior skills in athletics, Peter was lovingly remembered for his outgoing and warm personality, a person who had no trouble making friends with a colorful cast of different people. After completing college, Peter spent a great deal of his time working… Read More