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Robert V Glaser Giving

Maplewood Family YMCA Teaches Important Values

As a youngster, the Maplewood Family YMCA in Rochester, New York became something of a second home for Robert V. Glaser. The YMCA taught him a great deal of important values he would later use in his adult life, including the importance of being part of a team and giving back. Glaser would use these values to eventually spearhead the creation of The Mary Louise Bates Scholarship Program, honoring his mother. The program provides monetary help to youth that has dreams of attending the highly regarded YMCA. Maplewood Family YMCA has been a community staple since the early 1900s and… Read More

The Work of the Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce

One of the goals of the Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce is to nurture the growth of the businesses run by its members. It remains steadfast in its goal of developing the best environment for businesses and their success while also keeping a close eye on South Florida’s economic growth through education and advocating solutions tailored around the business needs of members. Formerly known as the Miami Board of Trade when it was launched in the 1900s, Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce has developed staggeringly and now consists of close to 500,000 member company employees. Decades since its inception, it… Read More