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Robert V Glaser Giving

Chapman Partnership Does its Part for the Homeless

Homelessness is a huge problem in Miami, and the Chapman Partnership is trying its hardest to help the homeless. The Chapman Partnership runs two Homeless Assistance Shelters in Miami and Homestead. Their homeless shelters have a support program with health care, job training, job placement help, meals, and a day care. The goal of the Chapman Partnership is to help every homeless person build a positive future. Alvah H. Chapman first founded the Chapman Partnership after he witnessed the many homeless people living under the expressways of Miami. As a result, he helped create the Miami Dade County Community Homeless… Read More

The Memory of Peter S. Castle

The Maplewood YMCA taught Robert V. Glaser a great deal about physical fitness. As a high school student, Glaser still participated in physical activities. He would go on to establish a close friendship with a fellow student named Peter S. Castle, whose impressive athleticism had already made him something of a celebrity thanks to his exceptional performance when it came to sports like basketball and baseball. While his athleticism was greatly admired, Peter’s outgoing and warm personality left a strong impression on many people, allowing him to build friendships with lots of different people. When his college studies were complete,… Read More