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Chapman Partnership Does its Part for the Homeless

Homelessness is a huge problem in Miami, and the Chapman Partnership is trying its hardest to help the homeless. The Chapman Partnership runs two Homeless Assistance Shelters in Miami and Homestead. Their homeless shelters have a support program with health care, job training, job placement help, meals, and a day care. The goal of the Chapman Partnership is to help every homeless person build a positive future. Alvah H. Chapman first founded the Chapman Partnership after he witnessed the many homeless people living under the expressways of Miami. As a result, he helped create the Miami Dade County Community Homeless… Read More

The Memory of Peter S. Castle

The Maplewood YMCA taught Robert V. Glaser a great deal about physical fitness. As a high school student, Glaser still participated in physical activities. He would go on to establish a close friendship with a fellow student named Peter S. Castle, whose impressive athleticism had already made him something of a celebrity thanks to his exceptional performance when it came to sports like basketball and baseball. While his athleticism was greatly admired, Peter’s outgoing and warm personality left a strong impression on many people, allowing him to build friendships with lots of different people. When his college studies were complete,… Read More

Maplewood Family YMCA Teaches Important Values

As a youngster, the Maplewood Family YMCA in Rochester, New York became something of a second home for Robert V. Glaser. The YMCA taught him a great deal of important values he would later use in his adult life, including the importance of being part of a team and giving back. Glaser would use these values to eventually spearhead the creation of The Mary Louise Bates Scholarship Program, honoring his mother. The program provides monetary help to youth that has dreams of attending the highly regarded YMCA. Maplewood Family YMCA has been a community staple since the early 1900s and… Read More

The Work of the Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce

One of the goals of the Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce is to nurture the growth of the businesses run by its members. It remains steadfast in its goal of developing the best environment for businesses and their success while also keeping a close eye on South Florida’s economic growth through education and advocating solutions tailored around the business needs of members. Formerly known as the Miami Board of Trade when it was launched in the 1900s, Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce has developed staggeringly and now consists of close to 500,000 member company employees. Decades since its inception, it… Read More

The Cuban Origins of St. Thomas University

[caption id="attachment_286" align="alignright" width="300"] St. Thomas University logo. (PRNewsFoto/St. Thomas University)[/caption] St. Thomas University is a private, Catholic educational institution found in Miami, Florida. The university boasts over thirty distinct undergraduate majors, a quintet of doctoral programs, more than twenty majors for graduates, plus a professional law program. To learn more about the origins of St. Thomas University, you’ll need to travel about ninety miles or so from Key West, Florida to Havana, Cuba. During the 1940s, the university was called Universidad Católica de Santo Tomás de Villanueva. This name was also given to a Spanish friar named Saint Thomas… Read More

Remembering Peter S. Castle

Robert Glaser was all about staying in shape ever since he attended the Maplewood YMCA. During his high school years, Glaser continued to stay active when he met and became close friends with Peter S. Castle. Peter had achieved a level of fame due to his admirable athleticism, performing well in sports such as basketball and baseball. Besides his superior skills in athletics, Peter was lovingly remembered for his outgoing and warm personality, a person who had no trouble making friends with a colorful cast of different people. After completing college, Peter spent a great deal of his time working… Read More

The Incredible Maplewood Family YMCA

In his younger years, a significant amount of Robert V. Glaser free time was spent at the Maplewood Family YMCA in Rochester, New York. It was here where he would be taught a number of important life skills and values, including the value of giving back and being a team player. Fast forward several years, and Glaser would eventually set up The Mary Louise Bates Scholarship Program in honor of his mother which offers monetary assistance to youth that would like to attend this YMCA that Robert holds in such high regard. Since 1916, Maplewood Family YMCA has remained a… Read More

The Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce

The Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce aims to assist its many members with growing, improving, and protecting their business. It seeks to create an optimum environment for businesses while also focusing on South Florida’s economic vitality via education and advocating solutions centered around the business needs of its members. Founded in the early 1900s and then known as Miami Board of Trade, Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce has evolved tremendously and is now comprised of nearly 500,000 member company employees. To this day, it is revered for its strong legacy of leadership when it comes to economic development and a… Read More

A Brief History of St. Thomas University

The private St. Thomas University is a Catholic institution located in Miami, Florida. The university currently offers more than thirty different undergraduate majors, five doctoral programs, over twenty graduate majors, as well as a professional law program. St. Thomas University’s origins lie in none other than Havana, Cuba during the late 1940s. Back then, it went by the name of Universidad Católica de Santo Tomás de Villanueva, sharing its name with Saint Thomas of Villanova. Born Tomás García y Martínez, he was a Spanish friar who went on to become a noted preacher and religious writer. In 1961, the Castro… Read More

YoungArts Nurtures Artistic Talent

Established in 1981 by Ted and Lin Aronson, the National YoungArts Foundation (or simply YoungArts) aims to identify and nurture the artistic talents of accomplished young artists across a broad spectrum of specialties, such as design and performing arts. The program is open to artists around the country between the ages of 15 to 18 and they are selected by an independent panel of highly proficient artists. YoungArts winners receive a multitude of awards including money, professional development, and mentorship by some of the world’s most accomplished artists. These names have included dancer and choreographer Mikhail Baryshnikov, singer and actress… Read More