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The Sterling Success of YoungArts

Ted and Lin Aronson launched the National YoungArts Foundation (or simply YoungArts) in 1981 with the goal of enhancing the artistic talents of skilled young artists across a wide scope of specialties, such as design and liberal arts. A team of expert artists select the artists for the program which is open to individuals ages that between fifteen to eighteen years of age.

Individuals that successfully make it into the YoungArts go on to receive distinct awards including money, professional development, and mentorship by artists that have established an admirable career. Some of these mentors have included acclaimed dancer and choreographer Mikhail Baryshnikov, Grammy Award-winning singer Sarah Brightman, and performing artist Wynton Marsalis.

Besides the incredible prestigiousness associated with it, YoungArts winners may also go on to receive the U.S. Presidential Scholar in the Arts, considered to be a major honor in the United States.

Many YoungArts alumni have seen tremendous success during their careers. Emmy winner Anna Gunn, Triple Crown of Acting winner Viola Davis, writer, producer, and director Jenji Kohan, and singer-songwriter Josh Groban are a few of the famous names that have been nurtured by YoungArts.

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