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The Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce

The Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce aims to assist its many members with growing, improving, and protecting their business. It seeks to create an optimum environment for businesses while also focusing on South Florida’s economic vitality via education and advocating solutions centered around the business needs of its members.

Founded in the early 1900s and then known as Miami Board of Trade, Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce has evolved tremendously and is now comprised of nearly 500,000 member company employees. To this day, it is revered for its strong legacy of leadership when it comes to economic development and a steadfast commitment to making Miami-Dade County a better place for everyone.

The Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce is supported by the South Florida Progress Foundation, a nonprofit arm focused on investing in activities and programs aimed at improving Miami-Dade’s quality of life. Members are encouraged to participate in programs, conferences, seminars, committees, and various events held frequently throughout the year.

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