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Robert V Glaser Giving

The Incredible Maplewood Family YMCA

In his younger years, a significant amount of Robert V. Glaser free time was spent at the Maplewood Family YMCA in Rochester, New York. It was here where he would be taught a number of important life skills and values, including the value of giving back and being a team player. Fast forward several years, and Glaser would eventually set up The Mary Louise Bates Scholarship Program in honor of his mother which offers monetary assistance to youth that would like to attend this YMCA that Robert holds in such high regard.

Since 1916, Maplewood Family YMCA has remained a staple of the community since 1916 and today it is still committed to its goal of fostering a child’s potential, developing giving back opportunities, and highlighting how vital it is to remain healthy. Because of the efforts of the YMCA, more than 25,000 children are in childcare programs, over 20,000 youths have participated in overnight and day camps throughout the summer season, and it is comprised of more than 180,000 members.

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This update is by the Robert V. Glaser Giving website. Glaser is an industry veteran with decades of experience in banking, private equity, and more. His experience includes his many years working for global manager of alternative investment products Investcorp and he also dedicates his time to various charitable causes including YoungArts Foundation, Chapman Partnership, and more. You can learn more about Robert by visiting the Robert V. Glaser personal website or Robert V. Glaser Business website.