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Robert V Glaser Giving


YoungArts Nurtures Artistic Talent

Established in 1981 by Ted and Lin Aronson, the National YoungArts Foundation (or simply YoungArts) aims to identify and nurture the artistic talents of accomplished young artists across a broad spectrum of specialties, such as design and performing arts. The program is open to artists around the country between the ages of 15 to 18 and they are selected by an independent panel of highly proficient artists. YoungArts winners receive a multitude of awards including money, professional development, and mentorship by some of the world’s most accomplished artists. These names have included dancer and choreographer Mikhail Baryshnikov, singer and actress… Read More

The Peter S. Castle Foundation

Already a fan of staying active thanks to his time at the Maplewood YMCA, it was during high school that Robert Glaser eventually established a friendship with Peter S. Castle, a friendship that became close. Peter was well-known for athleticism, excelling at sports like basketball and baseball. Besides his athletic prowess, Peter was fondly remembered for personality, a warm, outgoing individual who easily made friends with people from all walks of life. Upon finishing college, Peter dedicated his time to teaching Rochester’s inner city schoolchildren. Sadly, his efforts would also cost him his life after he was murdered during a… Read More

The Maplewood Family YMCA

During his youth, Robert V. Glaser spent a large portion of his time at the Maplewood Family YMCA in Rochester, New York. His time there instilled in him many important life skills and values, including teamwork and giving back. Decades later, Glaser would establish The Mary Louise Bates Scholarship Program in honor of his mother which provides financial assistance to children that wish to attend this same YMCA that left a lasting impact on Robert. Maplewood Family YMCA has served its community since 1916 and to this day, it remains committed to its mission of nurturing a child’s potential, creating… Read More

The Mary Louise Bates Scholarship Program

The Mary Louise Bates Scholarship Program provides financial help to children who wish to attend the Maplewood Family YMCA, allowing more of them to experience the many benefits associated with the YMCA. Mary Louise Bates Scholarship Program was established to honor the memory of its namesake, a woman born 1929 to a family of eight children. Growing up during the Depression era, Mary was raised in poverty and never graduated from high school. During her teenage years in the middle of World War II, she worked in a silk mill, assisting with the creation of parachutes for paratroopers. She eventually… Read More